who we are

collectively we are an incubator for tech startups, non-profits, and real estate projects



helping non-profits and start-ups to create & deploy beautiful & efficient technology focused on increasing impact for non-profits and revenue for companies

how we work with you

  • tech
  • project strategy & management
  • web|Mobile|Website development
  • IP library repurposing to save on costs
  • branding & design

real estate

fuel engages in a variety of both commercial and residential real estate projects in a number of roles: project management (GP), brokerage, investment (LP), financing, etc. click to see some of our past projects and what we are currently engaged in. Given our diverse experience in real estate, we look at deals of all types and sizes

Mac Reynolds - TRF
Ily Gusto - System 4
Dasha Shivers - RayCaye
Massimiliano Frani - Genote
Mental Health Coalition

hear from some of our clients

Fuel has brought together some of the greatest minds that help our clients excel in creating specialized technologies that increase efficiencies and maximize scalability of programs or services.

let’s work together

free consolation to talk through the work you need to be done and how we would plan on applying our services

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